Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Proud Mom

Yeah, I'm one proud Mom right now.

If you want to read the entire story, you can go to to read in all the shining glory.

But, on Memorial Day weekend, my son competed in the first ever organized and sponsored bowling tournament for high school teams in the state of Missouri. The Northmen of Oak Park came home as the state's 1st CHAMPIONS!

Not bad for a group of kids that love to bowl that put together a club for school about 6-8 weeks ago. Who knew that they would get a chance to even compete at state, let alone WIN STATE! All of this, and the school would not even recognize them and allow them to acutally use "Oak Park" in their name. So while the web site has them as Oak Park Northmen, they went there as Northmen of oak park.

Hats off to Gladstone Bowl for being such a great facility with a love for the kids and the sport!