Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thread Treasures: Proud to be associated with IMEALINK

Thread Treasures is please to be associated with IMEALINK.

IMEALINK is a website that some independent machine embroidery artists have put together to let the machine embroidery world know that we exist.

While not an Embroidery Mall, IMEALINK is a place that we can show our various offerings but any purchase is made from the designers direct site and not via IMEALINK.  That way, the designer gets to keep the money for the purchase and not others.  Each of the offerings that you see, should you click, you will be directed away from IMEALINK and back to the digitizers own website.

To see which digitizers are a part of IMEA - simply click on the image above, or click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Penguins in Love

What's not to love about penguins?  They are so cute and so fun to watch.

Here is a darling little set that is sure to delight.  Penguins In Love.

To view all the designs in this set, either click on the image above, or click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Candlewick Harlow

There is something about candlewick designs that I love.  I often find myself spending way to much time looking at other digitizers candlewick designs.

I created the Candlewick Harlow set as I had a need for this on a special project. 

To view the entire font, simply click on the image or click HERE.

Thread Treasures - Teddy Face

Every child loves their favorite Teddy.  I remember the one I had as a child, and have my son's safely stashed away for him to give to his children.

Let a precious one take a Teddy with him or her.  Such a sweet design that can be put on a blanket or the front of a T-Shirt.

To see the Teddy face either click on the picture or click HERE.  This cute teddy was digitized from illustrations from Trina Clark at

Moore, Oklahoma

In support of Moore, Oklahoma - after the destructive tornado that ripped Moore on May 20, 2013, I created the following design that I made available both for donation and for free.  All donations that were received were sent to the Red Cross in support of Moore.

To download the file for free or  for donation either click on the image above or click HERE to go view. 

So far $50.00 has been donated, with another 5.00 waiting to be donated.  More than 4000 downloads of this design has occurred.  Many people wrote to me to say where their donations would be given.

Thank you for your support for Moore and all of Oklahoma.  Boomer Sooner!