Wednesday, January 23, 2013

American Girl Doll Clothes - alternate skirt

I thought that this green fabric went with the pink from the Pretty In Pink outfit, so I started playing around with mixing and matching.

Why shouldn't McKenna, or any other American Girl, have a wardrobe of mix and match seperates?


American Girl Doll Clothes - Pretty in Pink

Here McKenna models her Pretty In Pink outfit.  I designed this cute little skirt and top when I saw the fabric as I thought it would be a stand out outfit.  What do you think, does McKenna rock this or what?


American Girl Doll Clothes

Here, McKenna models another one of her suits.  The slacks for this suit are a dark green micro-suede while the jacket is made from a boucle of various greens, gold and black.


American Girl Doll Clothes

Here is a cute pair of Owl Pajamas that I made for McKenna.

Another pair of these went to a special little girl in South Dakota.  A special little blanket was made with flannel with yellow on one side and pink on the other to coordinate with the colors in the pajamas.  The blanket was further customized with the doll's name embroidered in the opposite color on each side.

American Girl Clothes - Pink Sparkle Pajama

This is another pair of simple pajamas that I made for McKenna.  The fabric is a pink flannel that has a bit of silver sparkle in it.  Super cute.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

American Girl Doll Clothes

I just finished making this wrap skirt out of a wonderful red corduroy.  The shrug has a wonderful red and gold coordinating fabric.

New Patterns for American Girl Doll Clothes

New Patterns for my American Girl McKenna

I had seen these particular patterns a while ago, but did not purchase them at that time because when I saw them, I didn't have McKenna.  I couldn't remember exactly where they were other than on Etsy, so yesterday I went looking.

I found them and purchased quite a few of the patterns.  I have not made them yet, but I am sure that they will turn out fantastic.  I was excited and wanted to share.

This cute little coat is darling.  Wonder if there is a life size version available?

This romper is just the cutest.  I might just have to draft it up to my size for summer lounge wear.

Then there is this little skirt.  Simply adorable.

You can see these and many more by clicking HERE