Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Girl Embroidered Apron (Take 2)

This is the second iteration of the chef's apron for American Girl dolls.

This one requires a larger than 5x7 hoop.  The Cupcake is about 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches, but the outline of the apron is larger than 5x7.

I think this is an improvement over the last iteration.

American Girl Embroidered Apron

Trying to incorporate some embroidery designs into things for American Girl Dolls.

Here is a first attempt at a mainly  ITH (in the hoop) project to create a chef's apron for the dolls.  This one is sized for 5x7 Hoops, there is a larger size for the 8x12 hoops as well.

Was wondering if it was worth the effort to continue to develop this line?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thread Treasures: The Claw

A dragon or other mythical beast claw scratching from the inside trying to get out.

Perfect design for Halloween costumes or Halloween home decor items.

Click HERE to explore more about this design.

Thread Treasures: Japanese Crests 2

Perfect designs to be featured in the center of quilt squares.

To see the size and formats available, click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Halloween Boot 2

Feeling a little Witchy?  This boot is the perfect design to show everyone how Witchy you feel.

Click HERE to take a better look.

Thread Treasures: Dotted Christmas Tree

This design would be perfect for hand towels in a guest bathroom, or the main bathroom.  Stitched onto a pillow, or maybe onto organza and trimmed to adorn a homemade Christmas card. 

To view the design better click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Fireworks Design

Sized for 5x7 Hoops 

Just in time to create your own T-shirt to show your spirit on July 4th.

Click HERE to go view all of the formats available in the download.

Lightening Bolt Earrings

FSL Lightening Bolt Earrings

What Fun!

Imagine these stitched in a glow in the dark thread. 

The earrings are 1.89 inches long. 

 Click HERE to see all the available formats.