Friday, December 11, 2009

Where has time gone

It seems like just yesterday that my new life started, although I know that it has been about a month. I seriously question where time has gone so quickly. I have been busy, yet happy.

I did a craft fair the weekend before Thanksgiving, as well as one on Dec 5th. All in all, I think things went well with both of them. I sold items, and I took a few orders. Tonight, I got a surprise call with a lady from the show before Thanksgiving, giving me an order that she wants filled before Christmas. Looking at what I currently have to do, I believe that I will be able to squeeze it in.

That being said, there is a bit of sadness that I must express. My wonderful sister had requested an embroidered tablecloth as her Christmas gift. I was determined to give her a tablecloth that she would be proud to display in her new home. After 13 hours of solid stitching, I had the major OOPS.... The bottom of the hoop came off. I stopped the machine within a few seconds, but the damage had been done.

So, at the current point in time, I am just a couple hours into recreating the beauty for the table for my sister. I just wish that I could see the expression on her face when she opens the box. Maybe I'll be able to get someone that will be there to take pictures so that I can see her expression.