Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tons and Tons of things

Well, I have been keeping myself rather busy trying to get ready for a show that is coming up in April. I have been busy making towels for the kitchen, and believe that one of my favorites is a rooster design (purchased from Embroidery Library) and have made a few in different color combinations.

In some strange way, I believe that pillows will be a great item as well and I have started making pillow covers. Here is one of my own designs that was stitched out on a cream colored silk dupioni. I hope I have enough of the dupioni on hand to make a match for this pillow.

I also love very ornate almost Victorian embroideries. I find myself both digitizing and stitching Victorian designs over and over. However, there is one person that makes wonderful designs, Jenny Haskins. I have utilized a couple of her designs to stitch this stunning piece out...

A good portion of the day yesterday was spent tearing up my studio to rearrange and put the pieces back together. I believe that the functional space has been increased now, and I do like the layout. I just need to spend most of the day completing the catalog of inventory and supplies and finish determining how I want that all set up.

More pictures at a later date.