Friday, October 15, 2010

Thread Treasures - Shows are almost here

Wow - I simply cannot believe how long it has been since I updated my blog.  A LOT LOT LOT has happened since I updated it last.

Thread Treasures seems to be doing well, at least as well as I had hoped during the first year.

The season is starting for Christmas shows, and I have been very busy getting ready.  I have a smaller show on Nov 6th, and then a larger show on Nov. 20th.  I am excited.  The show on the 20th will be my second year doing that show.  It was the very first show I ever participated in, and I was so green.

I will not say that I am a seasoned pro now, but I have participated in a few shows since that time.  I have been stitching and embroidering like mad.  I will have a larger selection of products this time around, as well as some of my old faithfuls.

I have been trying to digitize, but realize that I haven't made as many design packs as I have in the past.  Hopefully in about a month, I will be cranking them out again.  I do have a few that I will be posting in the next week, and I did post a new set this week as well.

Oh well, I am going to close this out for now.  I need to start making my shopping list as the Sewing and Quilting Expo is headed to town next week.  Thread Guy.... Here I come.  LOL