Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flip Flop Applique

As an arctic 'blast' is headed my way, and will be settled in here within the next 24 hours, my mind turns to summer.  What is more appropriate in summer than flip flops?

I have created 3 different flip flop applique designs that are perfect to put on a T Shirt to bring a bit of that summer fun into the cold drab of winter.

Flip Flop Applique can be viewed here in larger detail.

Flip Flop Applique 2 can be viewed in larger detail.

Flip Flop Applique 3  can be viewed in larger detail.

These budget friendly designs are sure to bring a smile to your face, just like a warm day in the middle of winter.

McKenna's Designer Suit

McKenna could not go around in her pajamas all day, so I started to expand her wardrobe.

My McKenna is a girl on the go, with tons of things to accomplish.  She needs fun clothes and more refined clothes as well.

I made McKenna a designer suit.  The slacks are from a darker blue-gray micro-suede. The jacket is from some boucle scraps that I had.

If you would want this little suit for your doll, be sure to click on the link to go view.

American Girl Doll Suit 


American Girl Doll Clothes

Sometimes, I wonder if I am reverting to my childhood.  Other times, I am quite sure that I am.

I had heard about the 18 inch dolls, and had a few friends that had purchased them for children or grand children and enjoy sewing outfits for them.

Last year, some out of state relatives were in town to visit, and we hit the big mall where the American Girl store is located in town.  I was BLOWN away.

I had purchased a doll from one of the chain retailers, but could never 'get into' her.  The other members in the family called her 'creepy'.  I still think she is nice, but she didn't speak to me.

Then I entered the doors of the American Girl Store.  I fell in love instantly.  My oh my, which one did I want to select?  Did I really want to buy one?  I looked at all of the dolls in the store numerous times.   We left to continue our shopping and hit the Lego store.

I knew I wanted to try my hand at sewing the clothes, and possibly sell some at craft fairs and the like.  

Finally, my husband insisted that if I was going to sew clothes for the American Girl doll, that I had to have one.  No substitutes.

Back to the mall we went, and a couple of hours passed before I made my selection.  I wanted a Kit doll.  The name had a special meaning to me, and I loved her short hair.

I looked at all of the boxed Kit dolls, to find the perfect one for me.  My husband insisted that we talk to one of the sales associates to see if we could find a face and hair but select the eye color we wanted.  The nice lady explained that the other dolls were as they were that you couldn't select different eyes than what were shown.  Back and forth looking at a few dolls. 

Then something about a specific McKenna caught my eye.  I placed the perfect Kit back on the shelf, and selected my perfect McKenna.  I have been a very happy owner of a McKenna doll since that day.

McKenna needed some pajamas, so I created her some out of a breast cancer awareness flannel.

I made two pair of these jammies, and one is available to be purchased.

View Breast Cancer Awareness Pajama