Sunday, October 18, 2009

Table Runner

Well, I finally broke down to stitch something for the house that will be used. I purchased a clearance table runner at WalMart as a test to see how a specific design would stitch out on something for the home. My husband picked the color, and was more than satisfied with the results. I will purchase, or make, a better quality runner as I do plan to keep this as an item on my formal dining room table.

Name on Stocking

Due to the fantastic price of the patches, I was told that they would spread my name far and wide for embroidery. True to word, I got a call on Tuesday after delivering the patches on Thursday about doing a name on a special Christmas Stocking. I received the stocking on Friday, and embroidered the name that evening. The name looks a tad crooked, but depending on where you measure from it is straight (as measured from the top of the stocking).


I had an order for some patches from a local Aikido school. I had never made patches before, but they were in a serious need as they had a huge seminar the following weekend. People from about 6 different states were in town to attend the seminar, and they needed patches. I went home and produced a sample of what I thought I could produce. The patch was accepted and we came to an agreement on price. Less than a week later, I provided the patches and now have a client that will continue to come to me for their patches. Best part, they have sister schools in various states which now know the quality of my work. I did not keep a picture of a final patch, as I did not have enough time to take pictures after they were completed, but here is one of the sample which I provided.