Saturday, November 21, 2009

WHAT a day

So, last Tuesday evening, my husband and I needed to run to WalMart for something quick. I can't remember what it was right now, I just know that it wasn't much. After we finished there, we went across the street to the HyVee (local grocery chain) to buy some groceries. Anyway, on the way in the door, I saw that the high school where my son attends was having their 'annual' craft fair this weekend (Nov 21st). I thought to myself "Hey self... I'll give em a call to see if by chance I can get in and do a show..."

Well, I got a call back on Wednesday evening saying that it was full but if there were any no-shows that they would call me. Thursday evening was another call saying that they were full. I had started on Wednesday making things just in case. I did do even a few things on Friday, thinking that I might try to catch a show in a couple of weeks if at all possible since this one was full.

Well... low and behold I get a call at 7:30 am on the 21st saying that they had room to fit me in. YIKES! I knew that the show opened at 9:00, but was told it would be okay if I was late. YIKES!!!! I flew out of bed and started the coffee while I started up the embroidery machine. I knew I could get a couple more things done before I walked out the door. I managed to get 2 more rolls of TP embroidered and one kitchen tea towel.

Shower and then eat while I was getting dressed and drying the hair. I didn't have much stock, but I was determined I was gonna sell. This apparently is a fairly large craft fair for a school, as there were about 150 booths set up. There were a few thousand people.

I had a BALL today. The TP was the HOT ticket item. As soon as I got my little table set up, a lady came over and purchased 3 rolls. YIKES!!! She purchased a full THIRD of the TP that I had. The others sold as well. Why didn't I have more?
I sold lace ornaments and tea towels. I have a couple of orders that I am working on to fill right now. WOW... what a day.

It all came about so quickly that I didn't have time to take pictures. I will next time for sure.