Sunday, December 15, 2013

McKenna getting ready to watch the Kansas City Chiefs

McKenna,  just like everyone in this house, just LOVES to watch a good football game.  She really didn't have anything for game day, so I thought I would whip her up a little outfit in time for kickoff to support the home team.

McKenna's Top

Side of MeKenna's Pants

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snowflakes for your American Girl Doll

What is winter without snowflakes?  Why shouldn't your American Girl Doll have to suffer the winter without her own snowflakes?  Click on the image below to find out how your doll can have her own.


MiniGingers are bitesized versions of the originals.  Perfect for those smaller fans.  Click on the image to go view the details.

Mini Mints

When the full sized peppermints are just to large, here are MiniMints to the rescue.  Click on the image to go view details.

Ornate Ornaments

Beautiful ornate ornaments will delight all that see these delicate beauties.  To view all of the designs, click on the image below.

Merry Christmas 2

Another wonderful design to spread the cheer this holiday season.  Click the image to see sizes available.

Wrapped Christmas Gift

Another gift that is wrapped up for your stitching needs.  Click on the image to go view the sizes available.

Merry Christmas

A darling Christmas design.  Click on the image to go view.

Freestanding Gingerbread Earrings

Create your own Gingers with this unique free standing embroidery design.  Click on the image to go view.

Whimsical Christmas Gift

Such a whimsical present which is perfect for your holiday stitching needs.  Click on the image to go view.

Prim Snowman

A beautiful snowman design - perfect for those cold winter's nights as it will melt your heart.

To see more, either click on the picture above or click HERE.

Monday, October 14, 2013

When you have chickens,  you get eggs.  This darling design compliments both the patchwork rooster and patchwork chicken design.
To view the size and formats, click on the image above, or simply click HERE
Rooster Embroidery Design

Tons of people love roosters, and this rooster is a darling.  Perfect for home decor.

To view the size, simply click on the image above or click HERE
Patchwork Chicken

A great little design perfect for either chicken or country themed kitchens.

 To view size simply click on the image above or click HERE

Roses are Red

I love roses, so when I saw this artwork, I had to buy it to digitize.

To view the entire set simply click on the image above or click HERE
Ghost Earrings 

Great little earrings for the Halloween season!  

To go there simply click on the picture or click HERE

Monday, July 1, 2013

McKenna's new shorts

McKenna got two new pair of shorts as well.  This pattern took me a bit to adjust and get right.  Both are made from a micro suede fabric.

Pink Shorts

Purple Shorts

I did make the white top as well.  I need to start making her some tops so she has more of a selection.  I know I wouldn't like having just 1 top to go with all my bottoms.  

McKenna's new Tutus

McKenna needed a few more Tutus for her collection, so these were made on two different nights.

I like to call the first one her Christmas tutu.

And then there is a pink and green Tutu.  I love this color combination.

McKenna's new clothes

So, I have been playing around making McKenna some new clothes.  Just trying a few different things.  Thought I would take a few pictures - sounds simple right?  Getting the right lighting and pose is harder than I imagined it would be.  It will be a learning journey.

Here is McKenna in a skirt made from a carnival mask fabric.

Now here she is in her new candy corn skirt.

Of course I had to make the coordinating stripped skirt with candy corn waistband.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free Standing Masquerade Mask for 18 inch dolls

So, I made McKenna a little skirt with some fabric that I had purchased which had the carnival style masks as the print.  I have been intending to make some skirts for a while.

After I finished the skirt, I remembered some mask embroidery designs that I had digitized a year or so ago, and thought one might be cute as a mask for my American Girl.

I had to adjust the size down, and make sure that the eye holes were where you could see her eyes.  This first mask is full face.  I think that any future ones I digitize will be half face.  I mainly wanted to see if it was possible.

I should have coordinated the color of this stitch out more with the colors in the fabric.  It was fun and I think unique.

Click on the image above if you want to see a larger picture, or click HERE.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Girl Embroidered Apron (Take 2)

This is the second iteration of the chef's apron for American Girl dolls.

This one requires a larger than 5x7 hoop.  The Cupcake is about 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches, but the outline of the apron is larger than 5x7.

I think this is an improvement over the last iteration.

American Girl Embroidered Apron

Trying to incorporate some embroidery designs into things for American Girl Dolls.

Here is a first attempt at a mainly  ITH (in the hoop) project to create a chef's apron for the dolls.  This one is sized for 5x7 Hoops, there is a larger size for the 8x12 hoops as well.

Was wondering if it was worth the effort to continue to develop this line?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thread Treasures: The Claw

A dragon or other mythical beast claw scratching from the inside trying to get out.

Perfect design for Halloween costumes or Halloween home decor items.

Click HERE to explore more about this design.

Thread Treasures: Japanese Crests 2

Perfect designs to be featured in the center of quilt squares.

To see the size and formats available, click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Halloween Boot 2

Feeling a little Witchy?  This boot is the perfect design to show everyone how Witchy you feel.

Click HERE to take a better look.

Thread Treasures: Dotted Christmas Tree

This design would be perfect for hand towels in a guest bathroom, or the main bathroom.  Stitched onto a pillow, or maybe onto organza and trimmed to adorn a homemade Christmas card. 

To view the design better click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Fireworks Design

Sized for 5x7 Hoops 

Just in time to create your own T-shirt to show your spirit on July 4th.

Click HERE to go view all of the formats available in the download.

Lightening Bolt Earrings

FSL Lightening Bolt Earrings

What Fun!

Imagine these stitched in a glow in the dark thread. 

The earrings are 1.89 inches long. 

 Click HERE to see all the available formats.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thread Treasures: Proud to be associated with IMEALINK

Thread Treasures is please to be associated with IMEALINK.

IMEALINK is a website that some independent machine embroidery artists have put together to let the machine embroidery world know that we exist.

While not an Embroidery Mall, IMEALINK is a place that we can show our various offerings but any purchase is made from the designers direct site and not via IMEALINK.  That way, the designer gets to keep the money for the purchase and not others.  Each of the offerings that you see, should you click, you will be directed away from IMEALINK and back to the digitizers own website.

To see which digitizers are a part of IMEA - simply click on the image above, or click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Penguins in Love

What's not to love about penguins?  They are so cute and so fun to watch.

Here is a darling little set that is sure to delight.  Penguins In Love.

To view all the designs in this set, either click on the image above, or click HERE.

Thread Treasures: Candlewick Harlow

There is something about candlewick designs that I love.  I often find myself spending way to much time looking at other digitizers candlewick designs.

I created the Candlewick Harlow set as I had a need for this on a special project. 

To view the entire font, simply click on the image or click HERE.

Thread Treasures - Teddy Face

Every child loves their favorite Teddy.  I remember the one I had as a child, and have my son's safely stashed away for him to give to his children.

Let a precious one take a Teddy with him or her.  Such a sweet design that can be put on a blanket or the front of a T-Shirt.

To see the Teddy face either click on the picture or click HERE.  This cute teddy was digitized from illustrations from Trina Clark at

Moore, Oklahoma

In support of Moore, Oklahoma - after the destructive tornado that ripped Moore on May 20, 2013, I created the following design that I made available both for donation and for free.  All donations that were received were sent to the Red Cross in support of Moore.

To download the file for free or  for donation either click on the image above or click HERE to go view. 

So far $50.00 has been donated, with another 5.00 waiting to be donated.  More than 4000 downloads of this design has occurred.  Many people wrote to me to say where their donations would be given.

Thank you for your support for Moore and all of Oklahoma.  Boomer Sooner!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magical Seahorses

There is something magical about a seahorse.  So delicate yet so strong to survive in the tides of the ocean.

18 designs are included in this set.

Perfect for T-Shirts, home decor items, or that sea side quilt.

This set is sized for 5x7 (130x180mm) hoops.

Free full size sample of one of the seahorses.  Swim on by to collect yours.

To view all designs, either click on the image or click HERE. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chili Pepper Earrings

I made these for Cinco de Mayo.  They were a hit. The chili peppers are about 3 inches in length - so these are larger earrings.  Want some?

To see a larger version simply click on the picture or click HERE.


I love Foxgloves.  Hopefully soon I will have some established.  Purchased plant that I put in to get the ball rolling.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Applique Elephant 2

This darling little elephant design is perfect for the wild animal lover in your family.

Imagine this cutie on towels, blankies, or even the front of T-Shirts.

Sized for either 4x4 (100x100mm) or 5x7 (130x180mm) hoops.  Multi-formatted download.

To view the picture larger, either click on the picture above or click HERE. 

Applique Elephant 1

Applique Elephant 1

This darling little elephant design is perfect for the wild animal lover in your family.

Imagine this cutie on towels, blankies, or even the front of T-Shirts.

Sized for either 4x4 (100x100mm) or 5x7 (130x180mm) hoops.  Multi-formatted download.

To view the design better, either click on the image or click HERE.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thread Treasures: Fun sized conversational hearts

25 different fun sized (2 inch [50mm] tall) machine embroidery design singles.

These designs would be perfect for either pillows or shirt fronts for American Girl doll clothes.

Either click on the image above or click HERE to go view the selection of single designs.

Thread Treasures: Applique Cross 1

Another wonderful cross applique design that would be great for bible covers or home decor items. 

Either click on the image above or click HERE to view the larger design.

Thread Treasures: Applique Cross 1

This applique cross design would be fantastic stitched on Bible covers, or home decor items such as table runners or pillows.


To view the design better, either click on the image above or click HERE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

American Girl Doll Clothes - alternate skirt

I thought that this green fabric went with the pink from the Pretty In Pink outfit, so I started playing around with mixing and matching.

Why shouldn't McKenna, or any other American Girl, have a wardrobe of mix and match seperates?


American Girl Doll Clothes - Pretty in Pink

Here McKenna models her Pretty In Pink outfit.  I designed this cute little skirt and top when I saw the fabric as I thought it would be a stand out outfit.  What do you think, does McKenna rock this or what?


American Girl Doll Clothes

Here, McKenna models another one of her suits.  The slacks for this suit are a dark green micro-suede while the jacket is made from a boucle of various greens, gold and black.