Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust

And another one done and another one done... another one bites the dust. Yes! I have finally finished another quilt top. I've had the bits and pieces spread out on my cutting table for what seems like forever. It was to the point that I couldn't dump more fabric onto the table. I am so bad. I was afraid if I had a cutting table that I would use it as a general dumping ground for my sewing room. On Sunday, after I got more fabric and didn't have a place to dump it, I thought I better clean it up. Now, the table is clear of fabric except for the remainder of fabrics that I had used for the quilt top. I have room to actually cut out something. Of course the closet that had held my quilting cottons is overflowing onto the floor, but that will wait until another time to attempt to organize.

With Labor Day weekend approaching, I am trying to set some specific goals for myself as to what I think I can realistically accomplish sewing wise over the three day weekend. Since I will be on call, I won't be traveling this weekend. My son would rather keep himself occupied than hang out with the old mom. That should leave me some quality sewing time. I want to sew 1 jacket. I will be happy with that, and even proud if I accomplish more than the one jacket. But my goal is 1 jacket.

Of course I have goals for housework as well, but I won't let that drag me down. I will be doing some embroidery as well as I have quite a bit that I need to get done.

Sorry, no pictures to post today, but my husband has the camera currently.