Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another year is almost complete

And another Christmas is just behind us. I hope that each and every one had a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and hope.

Since Christmas is now past, I can post a couple of pictures of a project that I undertook for the Holidays. They say that the 'third time's the charm', well it must ring true for me. My third attempt, I was finally able to complete a tablecloth.

Along with the tablecloth, napkins were embroidered to attempt to compliment the beautiful design on the tablecloth.

Together I think that they look good.

I can say that I have the remains of attempt number 1 on my dining room table at the moment. The hoop had fallen off when I was stitching either the 4th or 5th design on the second side. Being very rushed for time, I did not have the luxury of picking out 19000 stitches to continue on. I used the 'goof' on my table with the bad side where it could not be seen. Thanks to my wonderful husband, those stitches are now completely removed and I can finish so that I will have a tablecloth just like my sisters.

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  1. You are a very talented and patient person, your work is beautiful. I have not had the courage to do a project as one piece yet but am encouraged by your example.
    moyed (helen)