Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thread Treasures - Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

I have always been in love with archaeology, and dreamed of being an archaeologist when I was a young girl.  I just knew I would discover the largest unknown tomb and go down in history as the best archaeologist of all times.  Hey, if a girl is going to dream, why not have a big one.

Life did not take me on that venture, but I never fell out of love with ancient Egypt.  I love the myths/facts of that time, as well as some of the beautiful artifacts that we have today thanks to the ancients.  I have always been taken with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, and even named a ton of computer systems after them once.  I found some open source clip art of them, along with their hieroglyphs, so I digitized them.  Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect fabric to make a lap quilt.  I saw some that would be fantastic years ago - to bad I didn't buy it then.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

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