Monday, January 24, 2011

Thread Treasures - Snowstorm for Connie

Living where I have for the past 16 years has gotten me past being a giddy child when the mention of snow is mentioned.  I now dread clearing the walkways and driveway.  While the first moments of a fresh snow are beautiful to behold, the black frozen mess that always is around the corner due to cars driving makes me shudder.

My sister, Connie, still lives in the south, so snow is not the norm during the winter.  As another snow was falling, I was digitizing snowflakes.  I called my sister on the phone to let her have all the excitement of the next 7 inches that I was about to receive.  I could tell in her voice that she was so very excited and I could imagine her out in my front yard doing snow angels.

When it came time to name my set, I thought I would name it for my sister.  I present to you "Snowstorm for Connie" and hope that you like it as much as I and my sister do.

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