Thursday, May 7, 2009

I feel like the old ABC Wide World of Sports

and the agony of defeat. (Yes I am aging myself...)

Looks like the Brother 9 needle will not happen after all. The lady changed her mind about selling her industrial brother machines to buy a 4 head machine. She is now just going to go the route of buying 2 additional single head machines.

So, for the night, I will cry into my wine as I listen to Rob Zombie.

I swear, with the machines that we have looked at, and the oh-sew-closes... it is almost like the stars are telling me to NOT go down the path of the venture that I so want to explore.

Edited to add: My wonderful husband, realizing my dreams, is saying to just go out and buy a brand new Barudan. YIKES!!! OMG OMG OMG... The costs associated with a machine like this, not knowing if a business will come to fruition.... ... His comment was that I would have one kicking home embroidery machine if it didn't work out. Gotta love him. Yep, he's a keeper.... :D

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