Sunday, May 10, 2009

One step closer

Well, after having some discussions with the wonderful manager of the Bernina shop close to my house, I made the executive decision to go with either the Brother PR620 or the Bablylock equivalent.

I called down to one of the larger Bernina sewing centers that happened to have a PR600ii on the floor and a PR620 in a box. Those ladies really were trying hard to sell me the PR600ii, but since it is 'end of life' considering future upgrades, we said that we'd take the PR620. [Note: I believe it is at end of life, but am not 100% sure of that fact!] Anyways, I paid as my wonderful husband loaded it up.

Of course the ladies were tickled pink, because that is only the 2nd 'big' embroidery machine that had been sold out of the store. Of course I told them that if they got any commission that they had to share with the other manager as it was her that got me down there in the first place.

We got it home about 7pm and got it out of the van. Carefully it was unpacked and we carried it up 2 full flights of stairs to get it to what is the room of it's final resting place. Due to other family activities in the day, it had been predetermined that we would go out for dinner. So, I had to leave my new baby to go out to eat. In my eyes, everyone was eating so slow.....

Finally we made it back home and my husband and I spent the next couple of hours determining where it would reside in the room and getting everything set up. The moment of truth comes, and we finally stitch out a test design. I managed to get 3 designs stitched out, including a Zundt, before I went to have sweet dreams of a beautiful new machine.

I have been playing since I got up this morning and am having a blast. I'm learning how to hoop socks on the cylinder hoop. I have been playing around learning how to change which needle I want to sew what color.

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