Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starting a business - is the time right?

I had purchased my PR620 with dreams of starting a business. While this dream has not faded, and I utilize this time to further my education, I must question the timing of starting a business now.

My dream was to open up a small venture to offer up my embroidery designs, as well as do custom embroidery work. The ultimate goal was to use this new business as a way to earn money so that I could retire from my 24x7 'normal' work duties.

I have spent the last couple of years developing designs that I want to offer to sell, but realize that digitizing designs for retail is ever changing and evolving. I have been in a continual learning experience since this realization and have been spending my scarce free time with learning all that I can on my new focus in life. Additionally, I plan to offer up services to actually stitch out custom designs such as corporate items. I have secured my first client in New York City, and will go above and beyond to insure that they remain happy with the delivered end product. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of my venture.

Right now, I am at a cross roads so to speak. The economy isn't anywhere near what it was a year ago, and personally I do not see any glimmer of hope in the immediate future to the return of what it once was. (Another topic for a possible different blog all together...) Anyways, I have spent the past few years developing the initial offerings of embroidery designs for the home embroider. Today, I look at sites which I had previously purchased from, only to find that they are now offering lay-away for designs. I cannot imaging having to do a lay-away on a 15.00 design set. Please realize that I know that this hobby is expensive, but I personally feel that I should save my money internally to be able to afford a purchase of a design pack (which is NOT that expensive) than to signal that I need to purchase the items on lay-away.

Currently, I find myself at the cross roads of what to do.... Should I throw caution to the wind and go ahead with my venture... or should I continue to develop my offerings to a time when I feel that the economy will allow me to offer my goods and services as I had originally intended? The answers I must do some deep soul searching.

Who knows at the current time? I have my first client, and will work to fulfill the orders that they place.

Realize that these are rambling from a person that is thinking of leaving the secure world to delve into the possibility of what if's. I'm thinking of striking out on my own, but just questioning the timing of it all. Ultimate decision is mine... but dang it is a very hard decision to make.

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