Monday, August 3, 2009

Quilting on an embroidery machine

Well, I had put together another lap quilt top that was sort of based on the Stack-N-Whack, except it is a 4 piece block, and every other block was a solid color. Just a way to try to see if I could cut the fabric close enough to possibly attempt a stack-n-whack. For the most part, the cutting out of the actual fabric turned out pretty good. My attempts to cut my blocks the exact same size was another failure.

But the actual quilting that I did on the PR620 turned out pretty good. I will need to play around with templates and learn how to get the designs closer together, but overall for my first attempt, I am fairly happy.

Overall, I am happy with this little lap quilt. Just bindings remain and I will have another one completed to donate. Oh yeah, this was my first attempt at using the basting spray to attach the pieces to one another for the quilting process. Not sure if I am going to give up my pins yet or not, but I do believe that the results which I received make the quilt look more used instead of being a fresh brand new quilt.

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