Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ThreadTreasures.com - Facebook

Oh the joys of Facebook and everything else going on right now. I hear that a ton of the digitizers are using Facebook to show their designs at their stores, so I created a Facebook for ThreadTreasures that will show the designs at the .com. It is a learning curve for sure, and I am not faithful in writing on my blog or posting on Facebook.... yet anyways. I will need to try to take time each day to do a little bit of something I suppose.

I will say that I am really getting into the setting up of a store. I need to take the time to learn more of the CSS language and stylesheets so that I can make a ton of customizations that will give my site a bunch of bells and whistles that no other place has, but that will be a while. I still need to concentrate on making designs.

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