Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ThreadTreasures.com - SEO Submission

The past day was spent attempting to get the Sitemap for Thread Treasures to upload to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and the like.

Being a techie, I would have never thought that getting the module installed and configured would be so time consuming, since other modules were a matter of a few moments.

In the end, the site can now feed into the googlebot so that the rankings will improve when phrases are entered into the search engines.

I will be putting more and more designs on this page to reference.


  1. I could use your help with that! You're doing wonderfully.

  2. What is it that you are trying to get submitted to the search engines? Your blog or another site?

    I know that the google bot is now doing my .com.... my blog has been showing up for quite some time... and part of the reason that I have my designs posted here because they do show up... LOL

    Give me a tad bit more time and I believe that I'll have it all figured out. I do know that it takes a while for the bots crawling your site before it goes up in the rankings....